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When one of your younger children gets a cavity in a baby tooth, getting the cavity filled may seem to be more work than it’s worth, right? Even though convincing younger kids that a filling won’t kill them, it can still be a headache.

However, if you don’t get those cavities filled you will be putting the oral health of your child at risk for years to come.

Important for oral health

Your children’s oral health is at a huge risk of deterioration if you let cavities go untreated. Left alone, cavities eat away at an entire tooth, killing it and causing decay – and even tooth death – in surrounding teeth. If you want your child to have the best oral health possible, you need to have their cavities filled.

Harms adult teeth

Filling a cavity in a tooth that’s going to fall out anyways seems redundant, right? Well, as we mentioned above, cavities do an excellent job of decaying teeth around them. That includes the adult teeth sitting underneath your child’s baby teeth.

At the end of the day, it’s far more beneficial to just bite the bullet and have the cavities filled than it is to let the cavities remain in your child’s mouth. To schedule a filling appointment, call today at 813-251-5740.