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There are many habits in the world today that can harm the smile, and one of those habits is thumbsucking. If your child tends to suck their thumb, we ask that you please encourage them not to do so by doing the following things:

· Praise your child each time they decide not to suck their thumb. This will help them feel successful and accomplished.
· Try to correct the reason your child feels so anxious. Generally, children tend to suck their thumbs when they feel nervous or unsafe, so please do everything possible to help your child feel comfortable and safe.
· Come up with a plan that will help your child quit the habit. Many people work with their children and come up with an award if they go a certain amount of days without participating in the habit.
· Have your dentist provide encouragement by explaining why it is so dangerous to suck on the thumb. If he also shows your child pictures of distorted smiles, your child might want to stop the habit all on their own.
· Put a sock or bandage over the thumb at night to keep your child from sucking on it.
· Ask your dentist or family doctor to prescribe bitter medication to coat the thumb with. If the thumb is covered in this medication, your child will not like the taste of their thumb.

If you need additional tips or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. David Goldschein, please remember that you can always call Generations Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and talk to a member of our friendly dental team. We are here to help you help your child grow into the pristine smile they deserve—all you need to do is dial 813-251-5740 now!