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Do you enjoy tooth-staining foods but hate the effect they have on your smile? You don’t have to give up your favorite foods if you are currently torn between your taste buds and a bright smile. In fact, there are some simple tips you can employ to prevent tooth enamel from discoloring your pearly whites when you eat and drink.

Dr. David Goldschein and our team in Tampa, Florida understand that enjoying your daily coffee or cranberry juice with breakfast is important even though they can stain your pearly whites. To help you overcome this predicament, check out the following ways you can limit tooth stains without changing your lifestyle:

Brush, Floss, and Use Mouthwash

By removing oral debris after eating or drinking foods that stain enamel helps to limit their staining effects. Cleaning removes lingering staining agents while rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash helps prevent plaque from developing. Plaque is that sticky substance in the mouth that allows staining agents a foothold to cling to.

Use a Straw

Sipping those beverages with staining agents from a straw limits their ability to discolor your teeth. Not only do straws allow you to drink your favorite fruit juices, soda, lattes, or teas as usual, but drinking through a straw will prevent tooth sensitivity from temperature extremes.

See Your Dentist

Regular six-month dental cleanings are vital when it comes to a healthy smile as only your dentist can remove tartar from the gumline. Dental cleanings also let us remove plaque buildup which otherwise provides a surface that stains can attach to.

Say No to Tobacco

Now, this is the one tooth staining habit we advise quitting. Tobacco stains happen no matter whether you chew it or smoke it, and not only is it unhealthy for your smile but your body as well. Fortunately, there are tobacco cessation programs available to help you quit. Please talk to your doctor if you would like to know more.

As you can see, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods and drinks to keep your smile free from discoloration. Our Generations Cosmetic and Family Dentistry team is here to help you keep your smile stellar.

Dr. David Goldschein and our team offer teeth whitening treatments for our patients in Tampa, Florida who need help with their smiles and invite you to call 813-251-5740 today to find out more or to schedule an appointment!