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Have you been told that cavities are a fairly serious issue? Similarly, do you ever wonder what could potentially cause your cavity—or if there’s anything you could do to stop cavities from forming?

In reality, you’ll need to brush your teeth twice a day if you’re interested in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. You’ll also need to floss daily or the protective layer of your pearly whites will weaken. If the decay hasn’t spread past this point, our team may be able to help your reverse the decay before it creates a cavity. Generally, you can recognize this issue because white spots will form on your smile. Still, if you notice dark spots on your teeth, your decay may spread farther. If this happens, you’ll need other treatments to have your cavities filled.

Sadly, your decay may spread further than the protective layer of your pearly whites. Unfortunately, decay may also spread to the next layer of your teeth, known as dentin. From there, the decay might spread to the center of your pearly whites. Sadly, your tooth’s nerves and connective tissues are housed in the center of your smile. If this decay isn’t addressed, you might eventually lose a tooth. Unfortunately, you’ll need root canal therapy to remove decay from the center of a tooth.

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