Recovery Steps for Root Canal Treatment

As you may already know, recovery is vital if you want a strong and successful oral health, especially after root canal treatment in , . So, if you’re about to have your tooth restored with a root canal, our team would like to give you the tips you need to fully recover. Those tips are:… Read more »

How to Help Your Teeth With Soda Alternatives

It is very important for you to care for your teeth, and there are several things you should avoid doing and consuming. Specifically, there are some drinks, such as sodas and other soft drinks, that you should avoid altogether. Fortunately, though, there are a number of healthy drinks you could consider replacing them with. You… Read more »

Kids and Cavities

When one of your younger children gets a cavity in a baby tooth, getting the cavity filled may seem to be more work than it’s worth, right? Even though convincing younger kids that a filling won’t kill them, it can still be a headache. However, if you don’t get those cavities filled you will be… Read more »

Deep Stains Can Rarely Be Removed from Teeth by Retail Whitening Products

When you consume dark foods and beverages, minuscule dark particles can get stuck on the surfaces of your tooth enamel. This is even more likely to happen if you use tobacco on a regular basis. If these surface stains are not removed in a timely manner, they will gradually start to penetrate the tooth enamel…. Read more »

What You Should Know About Meds and Your Teeth

There are many things that could impact the health of your teeth. For example, you probably know that you could be vulnerable to gum disease if you don’t brush and floss regularly. You may also know that certain foods can have a negative impact on your diet. However, did you know that the medications you… Read more »

Avoid Turkey Day Cavities

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of many people, but if you’re not careful, the huge amount of food you eat during the big meal can actually have a negative effect on your teeth – even going so far as to cause cavities. Obviously, this isn’t the type of holiday surprise you want. So to help… Read more »

Maintaining Your white Smile

If you’ve had any sort of whitening treatment done – from over-the-counter solutions to in-office procedures with Dr. – you still need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maintain that level of brightness in your smile. If you don’t, you’ll quickly end up with a discolored smile once more. So let’s look… Read more »

How to Know if You Need Root Canal Therapy

You’ve probably heard that getting root canal therapy is no picnic. Many people are scared when they hear they need one. Fortunately, because of modern medicine, having root canal therapy is probably not as bad as you’ve heard. In fact, receiving root canal therapy usually feels similar to having a cavity filled. Still, do you… Read more »

A Professional Teeth-Whitening Treatment Can Safely Whiten Even Deeply Stained Teeth

A winning smile can play in your favor in so many life situations. Many people who are struggling with tooth stains often consult with their dentist, Dr. , to explore their teeth-whitening options in , . The years of experience that has can help you brighten your teeth with a minimal impact to your overall… Read more »

The Effects of Tobacco on Your Smile Health

The harmful effects of tobacco use on respiratory and circulatory health are well documented and understood by most people. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 40 million adults use some form of tobacco products regularly. Unsurprisingly, tobacco use also poses a serious threat to oral health and can lead to many different… Read more »